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BlueWater Figure 8 Descender
BlueWater Figure 8 Descender
Our Price: $15.00

The BlueWater Figure 8 is forged for high strength and durability. It has an anodized finish that does not leave a ragged edge when it wears as do hard-coat finishes. (Color - Blue) more info
Kong Chuy - belay device
Kong Chuy - belay device
Our Price: $20.00


A smooth feed, controled braking, and great looks. Notch on one side of the device provides additional braking friction for thinner ropes giving you controlled descents and belays. Use on 8mm to 12mm ropes more info
CMI Rescue Figure 8 Rappel Device
CMI Rescue Figure 8 Rappel Device
Our Price: $40.00

Big enough to handle the largest ropes--two of them. Extended horns on the upper ring prevent rope from sliding up and locking when tying off. Dual holes on the tie-in end all the eight to remain attached to the harness while threading the rope, preventing loss of the device in extreme conditions. The industry standard for rescue grade descenders. wt. 221g MBS 10,000# more info
Petzl GriGri 2 Belay Device
Petzl GriGri 2 Belay Device
Our Price: $100.00

Self-braking system: if the rope suddenly comes under tension (e.g. in a fall), the cam pivots to pinch the rope, thus helping the belayer stop the climber's fall. The Petzl GriGri 2 Belay Device. The GRIGRI2 belay device with assisted braking is designed to facilitate belay maneuvers. The GRIGRI2 works equally well for lead climbing and top roping. It may be used on all single dynamic 8.9 to 11 mm ropes on the market (optimized for 9.4 mm to 10.3 mm ropes). Both compact and ultra-light, the GRIGRI2 will accompany you for many years on climbs around the world. The GRIGRI2 has a new design that allows excellent control during the descent.


•3-year guarantee
•Certification: CE pr EN 15151
•Weight: 185 g
•Material: Aluminum side plates, Stainless steel cam and friction plate, Reinforced nylon handle
•For use with single ropes between 8.9 and 11 mm in diameter
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